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Earn While You Learn

“In my particular career, or any of the construction trades, you have a much better pay compared to any of the other typical jobs for women. You’re going to be making a lot of money here. You’ll actually be able to care for yourself — and your family — and everybody.”-

Michelle Miller, Apprentice Electrician

Structured, Hands-On Learning

Oregon Apprenticeship is a tactile experience that blends classroom instruction with case observation and real world examples. Our programs will give you the chance to figure out what works for you, and get what you need to feel confident in your abilities.

The Value of Apprenticeship

Our purpose is to educate the community about the value of apprenticeship and the benefits of a career in the building trades industry. Apprenticeship is the gateway to many career opportunities which offer virtually unlimited advancement.

Apprenticeship = Career

Apprenticeship offers the opportunity of paid on-the-job training  combined with classroom learning. Completion of an apprenticeship program earns you the credentials of a journey-worker in a specialty trade, college credits toward an AAS degree, and eligibility to take state licensing exams in selected occupations.  The possibilities for more advanced earning and interesting work are limitless.

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