Why it works.

Thriving on a team of skilled professionals. Building your career. Prospering in a high-value profession. Registered Apprenticeship is your foothold into a lucrative, respected, and challenging career. These are the stories of real apprentices and their journeys with Registered Apprenticeship.

Tia Rose

Software Developer Apprentice
Training hours: 2000
Classroom hours: 728
Pre-Apprenticeship program:

You don't have to get it right on your first try. READ MORE

Kari Breedlove

Journeyworker Limited Maintenance Electrician
Training hours: 4000
Classroom hours: 288
Pre-Apprenticeship program:

Never stop learning. READ MORE

Kaitlyn Kettner

Inside Electrician Apprentice
Training hours: 8000
Classroom hours: 720
Pre-Apprenticeship program:

Keep asking questions and do not give up. READ MORE

Alicia Vandervelden

Medical Assistant
Training hours: 2000
Classroom hours: 156
Pre-Apprenticeship program:

It's a great way to learn and get paid at the same time. READ MORE

Jaime Alfaro

Journey-level Roofer & Waterproofer
Training hours: 4,000
Classroom hours: 168
Pre-Apprenticeship program: N/A

It’s possible to be somebody you’re proud of. READ MORE


Journey-level Laborer
Training hours: 4,000
Classroom hours: 156-180
Pre-Apprenticeship program: Oregon Tradeswomen Inc.

It’s an amazing opportunity to get paid to learn and get on-the-job experience. READ MORE


Journey-level Electrician
Training hours: 8,000
Classroom hours: 144-180
Pre-Apprenticeship program: Constructing Hope

There is a feeling of self-worth while you are learning valuable skills that you can take with you anywhere. READ MORE


Journey-level Cement Mason
Training hours: 6,000-7,000
Classroom hours: 144-160
Pre-Apprenticeship program: Oregon Tradeswomen Inc.

I worked full time and all the time. I always had work as an apprentice. READ MORE



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