About Us : Mission, History and Story

Mission Statement of the Website

The primary purpose of this website is to:

  1. Attract, inform and inspire women and minorities to investigate the possibility of pursuing an apprenticeship;
  2. Serve as a central location that clearly roadmaps entry into apprenticeship, offering immediate answers and guidance to individuals interested in apprenticeship, along with links to state and local agency websites, specifically related to careers; and
  3. Provide a coordinated website, supported and endorsed by Oregon’s apprenticeship community, that informs, encourages and recruits Oregon’s next generation of apprentices.

General Background Information

The Apprenticeship and Training Division (“Division”) of the Bureau of Labor and Industries (“Bureau”) enforces the State Apprenticeship Law (ORS Ch. 660) in Oregon under the guidance of the Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council (“Council”).

In 2007, the Council convened an Affirmative Action Task Force (“Task Force”) to develop comprehensive strategies for addressing issues regarding apprentice selection, diversity of applicant pools, affirmative action and the creation of systems that will help ensure a diverse trades workforce. The Council asked that representatives of apprenticeship committees, government agencies, educational institutions and community-based organizations participate in the Task Force to provide guidance on these issues.

One of the Task Force recommendations to the Council was that a website be immediately launched that would be owned and operated by the greater apprenticeship community, independently of the State of Oregon’s website. The website would be developed through a collaborative effort by individuals representing various outreach programs, educational organizations, apprenticeship programs, and community organizations involved in Oregon Apprenticeship. The website would serve as the coordination point for targeted outreach programs for women, minorities and individuals aged 16 – 30 and would be used to coordinate a statewide marketing campaign promoting activities and events related to Oregon Apprenticeship.

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